Island Magic with Storage and Functionality

Kitchen Island

When you think about designing your perfect kitchen, you might have a vision of an island. Many people think of islands as rectangular, but kitchen islands are magical in that there are no real rules that define what they might be beyond the basic utility space.

Islands Need Not Be Rectangular

Kitchen IslandWhen you think about putting an island in your kitchen, remember that you can design them to be any shape you like. Round, square, and mixtures of straight lines and curves are all options. A half-circle island with a flat side makes a perfect workspace and breakfast bar. If you are looking for a utility space for your kitchen, consider mixing straight lines and curves to create a kitchen island that fits your lifestyle and still meets the functional requirements of home life.

Islands and Storage

Kitchen IslandIslands make the perfect storage space for specialty appliances and gadgets. Depending on how you set up the amenities of your kitchen island – sink, grill, oven, dining, etc., – you can set up the storage to work with the amenities on your island. An island can even hold major appliances such as your dishwasher or oven, bread oven, or pizza oven.

Storage options for islands are almost unlimited. You can design an island with pull-out closets for easy access to stored items in the back and add deep drawers to hold taller gadgets such as an espresso machine, coffee grinder, or toasters. You can also create storage for food items such as a root drawer for potato, yam, and onion storage.

Islands That are Portable

Islands need not be stationary. You can design islands to be movable by installing casters on them. These are highly functional and with proper storage can be set up to enhance kitchen projects. For example, imagine a moveable island set up with all the items needed for making cookies and desserts or for grilling. You can wheel it to the location where you are working, and it holds all of the items and workspace you need to go wild making holiday cookies and desserts. For parties and entertainment, you could have a moveable island that rolls in and out of the kitchen to where the party is – indoor or outdoor. A roving bar, or BBQ and grilling station.

Islands are magical and when well thought out they can enhance the functionality of your kitchen and improve the quality of life in your home. When we go to restaurants we encounter coffee bars, drink bars, dessert bars, and more. A moveable island can be any of those things right in your home.

Top off your island with quality counters that are durable and beautiful. Granite is a good option for kitchens as it stands up to traffic and is easy to clean and maintain. For more information about kitchen island design and options, reach out to our design experts today.

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